Get off the Roller Coaster

blog Apr 18, 2018

How’s your marketing plan?  Do you have one?  Or are you on that constant roller coaster.  When things are good and when business is up, you take your foot off and coast….  And then when your business drops you panic and implement a whole bunch of marketing ideas to get business up again.  And it goes up.  And then you feel good and you sit back and coast.  Up.  And down.  And up.  And down.  Stop it!  You will never achieve sustainable business growth until you get off that roller coaster and create a viable on-going business and marketing plan. 

Here’s my recommendation.  Plan out your marketing activities for the year.  Keep statistics.  Know what’s working for you and what’s not.  Keep evolving and building your marketing plan from year to year based on what provides you returns.  But have your marketing scheduled for the entire year in advance so that you know each month what you need to prep, what you need to do, and what you need to plan for.  Just get off the roller coaster!

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