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Get to know Dr. Shaelyn Osborn

Hello! I’m Dr. Shaelyn Osborn, chiropractor, entrepreneur, wife, mother, speaker, author, & coach.  I am dedicated to help inspire the entrepreneur to discover & create what they truly desire! My mission is to empower people to authentically build the business and life of their dreams.



Testimonials from my clients

"Shaelyn is one of those rare people in life that has incredible integrity and strong values. I have known Dr. Osborn from the start of her career, and we’ve worked together in many ways. Dr. Osborn is one of the most talented Chiropractors that I know, and truly puts her patients first. No coincidence that she is the person that I am honored to say has not only replaced me at Whole Body Health, yet has surpassed me in many ways! Take time to learn more and work with this incredible woman."

Dr. Janice Hughes

"I wish I had your CA Manual and system of interviewing, hiring and training a high-level, low turn-over Chiropractic Assistant 35 years ago. Our greatest challenge over my years in practice has been staff. You have done all the ground work; all the blood, sweat and tears that I have put in for years. You have done a fabulous job and presented it in a fashion that anyone can implement. This is worth its weight in gold. Great Job!"

Dr. Stephen J. Levine
Chiropractor, South Orange Chiropractic Center


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